Too much Minetest-ing ⛏

Too much Minetest-ing ⛏

I was revisiting my self hosted setup off-late and decided to have some fun because it has been a long and gloomy day. So what could be better than installing a game in the server and letting everybody else connect to it and play? So, that’s when I came across minetest and installed it in my server. I had been playing for a week now and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it

So, Minetest!

I had been playing a lot, like a loooot lately. The best thing about minetest is that it is open source. So you get a ton of community attention over the game and the community makes the game better by sending PR’s and patches that make the game better altogether. I also added tons of mods that were community contributed (trust me, that took a while to setup) But that just means you can mod the game any way you want to. Sky is the limit here!

So out of excitement I uploaded this screenshot of a beautiful morning on fediverse!

Minetest ♥️

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