That was a long pause ⏸

That was a long pause ⏸

Well, it was really a long pause. I haven’t posted since a long time (10 days to be precise, which is long when compared to my other posts) since I was busy with so many things and they (as always), didn’t really work-out in the first attempt. But now, since I can afford some leisure to sit here and write this post, It feels good to be back! So, I just want to write a quick rundown of what had been going on lately in my nest!

A new Remote VPS

I migrated all my services to a new remote VPS in Germany. I never really thought I would do this, since Raspberry Pi’s were just enough for my use-case and I was pretty happy with their performance. However, when I had to install a minetest server + Jellyfin + other services that would be essential for me in coming days, it gave up on me and I thought I would make the switch. It’s quite embarrassing to say that since my goal was to prove to myself that you don’t need a big (i.e performant) server to selfhost. But it turns out, Raspberry Pi’s, as amazing and performant they are, they can just handle some amount of load and then they just give up. Nevertheless, Remote VPS was a good upgrade and I hope to use my Raspberry Pi’s for some lightweight backup task and possibly build a smart home with Home Assistant

A new WordPress Site

I liked Hugo, I liked more. But do you know what I absolutely love? WordPress! WordPress is amazing on how customisable it is from the ground up and as a website builder it gives you the complete freedom to build your site the way you want and how you want it to reflect the true essence of what you are trying to build.

I believe that personal sites should always be a reflection of your personality. And that’s why they are called personal sites. Initially, I used Hugo to build my personal site. Hugo, as amazing as it is, gives you full control of how you want the page to look like, but it lost its charm for me when I would spent most of my time customising the site than write something that I actually want to write. I explained it in this post.

While gives you a minimalistic canvas to write your thoughts on, I find its functionality to be extremely limiting. I like to have a personal website because I like to write about my thoughts, and also I like to look back at myself at some specific timestamp and evaluate my standings and see how much I have grown. Which I didn’t really find out how to achieve in

WordPress is amazing. No questions asked. It gives you a proper balance between usability and convenience. Which I also said when moving to, but now I really change my mind since I have finally tried WordPress. I plan to continue my blog in my self-hosted WordPress space and see where it leads me.

Closing Thoughts

I think, the best thing about being a software engineer is the fact that I get to have a lot of control over what I want to do in this technologically immersed world! I also get to self host many of the services that I truly own and I do not need to depend on anyone for this. It has made me realise that, it’s a powerful thing to be able to provide service to other people and be able to make their digital lives meaningful. I would like to eventually help other people from non technological backgrounds to get familiar with tech and make tech friendlier. Im not really sure how to do this yet, But this is what keeps me ticking and I think this long pause has made me realise that it’s really important that tech becomes as friendly as much it is powerful. It’s all about trial/error and persistence and a lot of coffee (hopefully) 🙂

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