Stressful September!

Stressful September!
Monthly Review of September 2021.

So, this is a new segment I'm starting up after looking at a few of the posts from the fediverse where they review and summarize their month. And it's really cool. Because, through this segment, I'll get a chance to look back at the past month and see what has changed since.

Not much has changed. Really!

Last month was a nightmarish month for me, since I was overworked with my day-job and barely had any time to look at my side projects and my self-hosted setup and try some new things with it. So it's a not-so-good-side-project-month for me. However, I always make sure to check on new things and do some small updates here and there whenever necessary. That still counts, right?

“The-wait-is-finally-over” kind of releases

Two of the major releases that I was waiting for happened in this month for Uptime-Kuma and Photoprism. Those of you who haven't heard of these tools, I strongly encourage you to check their GitHub page and show them some support.

Uptime Kuma

Uptime-Kuma, which does Uptime Management, had a major release, 1.7.0 which introduces a public dashboard for any of the uptime that you want to show to the public. I needed this feature since my instances sometimes go down because of my crazy-experiments (Not for long). So, I wanted to enable the users to check the downtime in a website than me being to tell them proactively. So I just went ahead, updated Uptime-Kuma, And created a public dashboard. :)

Ain't she beautiful? wink wink!


Photoprism finally had the update of facial recognition for all the stored photos. Which meant that now I can search people by their face! Which was a Google-Photos-Killer feature that I had been waiting for so long, and it's finally here. The only thing that's being actively developed now is the multi-account support. I think that would be under the list for the next monthly review. :)

Clustered Raspberry Pi

Since I have moved all my data to a dedicated server in the EU, my Raspberry Pi's at home are doing nothing but sleeping in their case. So I thought I would use them for something new to learn. I have never had the chance to wrap my head around clustered systems and its management like in Kubernetes. So this month I'm planning to dust off my Raspberry Pi's and use them to learn Kubernetes. Hopefully this helps me build and scale things better in the future. :)

That's all!

So this is it. That were a few things that I did this month. Hopefully October stays non-stressful for me. A little breathing room to open my laptop and do some crazy shit is truly liberating! It was leisure that I have got used to, since I used to have a lot of breathing room for other stuff. Hoping to experiment a lot with my side projects this month. Hopefully it goes well. :)

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