Shiny new changes!

Today I made some quick changes to the blog. Since ghost is facilitating my blogging needs, It's quite easy to add and remove things now. And I thought I would quickly make a note of it here.

Projects Page

I don't work on projects on weekdays since I'll be busy with my day-job. But weekends usually get quite exciting with new projects, tools and experiments. I had no way of tracking them down in one place. So I added a new Projects page to just keep a note of things that I'm currently working on or hopefully planning to work on some day.


I run a public facing server called Legohouse that hosts ethical alternatives to mainstream social media. Having donations to run the server would make it self sustainable and will enable me to invest on better hardware, processor, and host many more services in coming days. So I added a donation section under the projects page, pointing to my profile in Ko-Fi and Liberapay.

That's it. Quick little update!

Good day :)

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