I love working on open source projects in my leisure. I use Codeberg as a primary source for all my projects. Furthermore, I also love to host and manage ethical alternatives to mainstream proprietary services. Some of the projects that I'm working on are listed below.

Legohouse in space

Legohouse is a hub for ethical and federated alternatives to mainstream social media and proprietary services. The services running under Legohouse are open source (the source-code is publicly available) and ethical in nature. Hence, they add a lot of value to the one's subscribing to them.


If my projects, blog posts or comments that I have left anywhere on this wide internet has impacted you positively, you may buy me a coffee here. This will make my projects self sustainable since I'm working on a tight financial constraint. It will also enable me to build, host and manage many more ethical services for others to use.

Thanks in advance :)