Moving from Hugo to

Moving from Hugo to

I never initially thought that I would do this. Maintaining a static generated website using Hugo seemed so customisable and simple then, I didn’t even care to look for other options. But now that I have built my website in, I really hate myself for not trying it sooner.

What went wrong with hugo?

Don’t get me wrong, I really like Hugo. I really love the way it is customisable to its core. You can create new pages from the existing template, or write a new layout altogether. And boy oh boy! there are tons of themes available. All you gotta do is just run a command and the theme is live. I loved this idea so much that I had made my own Theme for Hugo which then was used to theme my own website.

However, that’s about where the advantages end. Eventually things started to crumble down when I started putting more efforts in setting up the layout and theme for my website when I should be spending more time writing my articles. In the end of the day I would spend so much time just fixing the layout, I would have no more patience to write an article on top of that. As exciting as building a brand new statically generated fully customisable website sounds, it sure comes with its qualms.


Yes. So I decided to move to since I believe it offers me a proper balance between customisability and usability. It lacks some features that I enjoyed having in Hugo (separate tags and categories to organize my content well). But I think I’ll find my way around it as I go. has theming support that lets you add Custom CSS and JS to your site. So yeah! I don’t regret moving to for my personal website and blog.

I’ve really missed how I can just jump in, write my mind and publish! ✌🏻

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