Legohouse is a hub for ethical and federated alternatives to mainstream social media and proprietary services. The services running under Legohouse are open source (the source-code is publicly available) and ethical in nature. Hence, they add a lot of value to the one's subscribing to them.


I have always had this desire to host my own server and maintain services that other people could be a part of and create a sense of community that grows together for the better. I primarily started with an in-home Raspberry Pi to understand the in-and-out's of docker, microservices, and network management.

Once I was confident enough, I rented a dedicated VPS in EU to host open source and ethical services that would help me and others, enjoy the true freedom of the internet. Hence, Legohouse was born.

What's running?

  1. Legohouse (toots) : Social media, back in your hands! Follow friends and discover new ones among more than 4.4M people. Publish anything you want: links, pictures, text, video. All on a platform that is community-owned and ad-free. You can sign up here. Click here for the source code.

Soon to be Hosted

I'm keeping these services on hold since they are either not stable in my environment or I wasn't able to properly organize all the dependencies. Once the services are stable, they will be open for public registration. :)

  1. Matrix (dendrite) : Matrix is an ambitious new ecosystem for open federated Instant Messaging and VoIP.
  2. Pixelfed : Photo Sharing, For Everyone. A free and ethical photo sharing platform.
  3. Bookwyrm : BookWyrm is a social network for tracking your reading, talking about books, writing reviews, and discovering what to read next.

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