Although I like to keep my online profile minimal, I use few of the social media that helps me keep in touch with my friends/family and the world. Few of those include the following..


Fediverse is a collection of independent self hosted servers that can communicate with each other. Fediverse endorses absolute freedom and privacy by it’s design. Being a part of the Fediverse, I primarily use Mastodon and Pixelfed as a means of communication and share my thoughts on the web.

I’m actively available on my Mastodon account where I post regularly about things that pick my interest. I’m also available on Pixelfed although not as active as other platforms since I’m not a fan of sharing photos as opposed to writing text 🙂

Instant Messaging

I keep my public facing chat handle on Matrix (matrix:maxvel@nerdsin.space). I use Element to communicate via matrix service. This is the service I mostly use to communicate with my nerdy-buddies, friends and relatives.


Not available on any of the above platforms? No worries. You can always drop an Email and get in touch with me. However, there might be a bit delay in responding :)