A new Mastodon Instance : Legohouse 🏠

A new Mastodon Instance : Legohouse 🏠

Never really thought that I would host a mastodon instance anytime soon. It was few months back that I found out about mastodon and the whole decentralized architecture for social media, and I was hooked. I created my mastodon account right away in a mastodon instance called Fosstodon. Fosstodon is all about Free and open source software. And interacting with people in there made me realize what social media can be and how it can really empower people with meaningful interactions. So I thought I would host one too and see how it goes. And there you go, Legohouse was born.

Legohouse is still a small part of the Mastodon and a tiny part of the vast Fediverse. Fediverse is a collection of small servers which have their own tiny social media inside and who all speak the same language called ActivityPub (Technically we call it as a protocol). Since all these servers speak the same language, they all can communicate with each other. So an upside is that, as a user, you have the choice to choose whichever server you want your account to be in without having to miss out on being a part of this fediverse. So, if you don’t like Legohouse (or any other mastodon instance), you have the liberty to move your account to another server and still maintain the people you follow and people that follow you. The whole federated architecture (fediverse) empowers the user and gives you enough freedom to make your own choices. And that’s amazing!

And, if you are a part of Legohouse, and somebody you know is a part of xyz server, you can still communicate with them since the architecture is federated. This is very similar to how emails work. If you are on protonmail, you can still send mails to your friend’s account in gmail since all the email services speak the same language. And just like how your email id is person@protonmail.com your federated ID will be person@toots.legohousein.space, where person is your username and toots.legohousein.space is the name of your server.

Back then I was just complaining about social media not being user-centric and catering to the needs of advertisers. But now, mastodon has empowered me to be equipped with a solution to this problem. I hope more and more people find decentralization and fediverse appealing and good enough to replace the mainstream media!

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